Life Insurance quote sites often do not directly sell Life Insurance policies at all; rather they sell your information to agents across the country. Las Vegas Life Brokers do not sell any of your information and personally match you with a highly rated Company that fits your specific health profile.

Las Vegas Life Brokers is an independent insurance broker representing many of the top life insurance companies in the country.

With the Internet, the insurance consumer can now conduct research and save huge on their life insurance costs. No more sitting in front of an insurance agent who can only quote rates from one company and look at only one set of underwriting guidelines.

In fact, different insurance companies specialize in certain products. Insurance companies have developed niches for people with specific health profiles. We specialize in understanding how these health profiles dictate which insurance company is best for you.

Some insurance companies' underwriting guidelines are conservative and others are more lenient in specific areas (high blood pressure, prescription medication, diabetes, etc.). For example one company will have more lenient guidelines for those taking high blood pressure medication, while another company will offer better rates for diabetics.

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Las Vegas Life Brokers is an independent firm that is committed to taking the extra step in ensuring that you get the best rate possible.

We put in the extra work by sending an application to each of the top companies for you. Having 3 or 4 companies look at your health profile at the same time will put you in a position to see which company is offering the best rate for sustaining good health. You will see the top life insurance companies compete for your business.

Qualifying your life insurance decision is much easier once you identify the company that will charge you the least per thousand of insurance (based on your specific health profile). Understanding the unique underwriting guidelines of these companies is our job. Plus we have created a quoting system to make sure you choose the best policy for your needs.

To see your rates fill out the form above or call us at (702) 580-2378 any time, we are local.

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Life Insurance Basics

Term Life Insurance is the simplest form of life insurance, and is typically the least expensive. Term Insurance builds no cash value and is similar to "renting". Benefits and rates are guaranteed level for a specified period of time (10, 15, 20, even 30 years). Some life insurance companies offer a return of premium rider (ROP) that will refund almost all premiums at the end of the term.

Permanent Life Insurance (also known as "Whole Life Insurance" or "Universal Life") builds cash value and is similar to "owning". The premiums are usually higher than those of a term insurance policy. Although the premiums for permanent life insurance tend to be higher than term insurance, the death benefit is not limited to a pre-determined timeframe and you can use the cash value as a living benefit.

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What does the medical exam involve?

The medical exam involves: height and weight measurements, a blood and urine specimen, blood pressure reading, and a few health questions.

It is completed by a licensed paramedical or medical doctor at your home or any other convenient location. The exam takes about 15-25 minutes and is paid for by the insurance company with no cost to you. A copy of the lab test results is available free of charge.

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